bio_picGENUINE.  CAPTIVATING.  MEMORABLE.  These are some of the ideals I strive for with BRIANOGRAPHY – Brian Morgan Photography.  From its Celtic roots, “BRIAN” means strength and “PHOTOGRAPHY” means writing with light.  Blending the two, BRIANOGRAPHY was formed to represent “strength in writing with light”.  Whether it is capturing the pinnacle of action on the sports field, seeing a series of bright colors or special lighting in the theater, or bringing out that special smile and twinkle of the eye in a portrait, I love making my clients happy by providing memories that will last a lifetime.

Simply put, photography is a passion of mine.  From a young age with a drugstore instamatic camera to the state of the art equipment that I use today, the attraction to photography has always been present.  It provides a virtual canvas to create works of art, it combines both the artistic and the technical sides of my brain, and it allows me to never stop learning.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the best photographers in their respective fields.  I learn something new with every workshop or conversation with them and the product of the combined input of some of these great minds is something unique that I can express in my own way, like a custom recipe.

My background includes many years in the Fortune 50 business environment.  With the structured processes and the laser focus on customer satisfaction, all while delivering high quality products to the marketplace, the skills and rigor needed to create my own business came naturally.  As much as I love the shooting end of photography, the reality is that the business and customer skills are equally important.  Whether I’m shooting a corporate event, or a series of head shots or portraits at a law firm, or I’m working with a young family looking to start their own set of memories and legacies, or I’m working with a group of students, I approach them all the same with the utmost in professionalism and respect.  In a word – GENUINE.

Over the past several years, I’ve grown to love sports photography.  Having been a high school athlete as well as the yearbook photographer for my high school, I’ve developed a good sense of timing and anticipation.  These are key elements to capture that special moment.  I have invested in equipment that is matched for the job at hand.  I have spent hours mastering the use of my gear with both formal and informal instruction.  I love to deliver results that make people say, “Wow!”  In a word – CAPTIVATING.

What good is a photograph if you can’t share it with others?  Not much!  I offer a line of products that are top-notch in the industry.  I want to make sure that the images you purchase represent the finest quality and longevity available.  I have teamed with some of the most highly regarded laboratories in the industry to ensure what you receive will be something you will be proud to display.  I want you to be able to enjoy the sporting event you are watching, the play you are attending, or simply the moment you will be remembering and let me bottle it up and store it for you to have.  In a word – MEMORABLE.

I would love to work with you.  Take a look around this site.  Talk to my clients.  Talk to me.  Let me know how I can help.